Vancouver Aquaponics Workshop AUGUST 23, 2014


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Learn Aquaponics WORKSHOP

** Spots still available for June 14, 2014 Workshop (9 am – 12 pm) **

This half day workshop equips you with everything you need to start growing food sustainably using aquaponics. Topics include:


How it works:
The science behind aquaponics

System Design:
Best practices and optimal ratios

System Cycling:
Starting up a new system without stressing your fish

Maintaining your system:
Day to day operation including water quality testing, pH management, oxygen and other parameters

From seeding to harvest, troubleshooting, nutrients

How to maintain healthy happy fish; good husbandry practices

Date: August 23, 2014 (Saturday)

Instructor: David Sayson (Owner of JustAquaponics)

Bio: David Sayson is an engineer who has been a serial innovator in the technology space for 15 years holding patents in the telecom and internet fields. Since 2011, he has turned his attention to sustainable food production using aquaponics. He is pictured below with Dr. Nick Savidov and Charlie Shultz.

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VIDEO: Aquaponics How-To DVD Sampler

There are 2 videos:

VIDEO: How To Build An Aquaponics System

VIDEO: Building An Aquaponics Sytem

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Here’s a great company from WI – fish farmers with an information-sharing attitude!

Apparently plans & systems are available from $200 – $3,000 for a commercial setup!