Vancouver Aquaponics Workshop AUGUST 23, 2014


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Learn Aquaponics WORKSHOP

** Spots still available for June 14, 2014 Workshop (9 am – 12 pm) **

This half day workshop equips you with everything you need to start growing food sustainably using aquaponics. Topics include:


How it works:
The science behind aquaponics

System Design:
Best practices and optimal ratios

System Cycling:
Starting up a new system without stressing your fish

Maintaining your system:
Day to day operation including water quality testing, pH management, oxygen and other parameters

From seeding to harvest, troubleshooting, nutrients

How to maintain healthy happy fish; good husbandry practices

Date: August 23, 2014 (Saturday)

Instructor: David Sayson (Owner of JustAquaponics)

Bio: David Sayson is an engineer who has been a serial innovator in the technology space for 15 years holding patents in the telecom and internet fields. Since 2011, he has turned his attention to sustainable food production using aquaponics. He is pictured below with Dr. Nick Savidov and Charlie Shultz.

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on any workshop or full aquaponics system at


What is Just Aquaponics 101?
A full day of hands-on and classroom training. Build an aquaponic system and grow your own food in a sustainable ecofriendly way.

WVancouver Aquaponics Workshop May 24th, 2014ho?
Learn with David Sayson, field expert and aquaponics consultant.

105 – 418 East Kent Ave S, Vancouver, BC

May 24th 2014 9am to 3pm
Catered Lunch Provided.

How Much?
Early Bird Pricing 195$ per person
Early Bird Ends:
Total Value 245$ per person


Ask about packages for multiple sign ups!

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Just Aquaponics 101 Lunch & Learn

Aquaponics Workshop & Tour Feb 24-26, 2014

VANCOUVER-AQUAPONICS-WORKSHOP-NOAThe 2 day workshop will be taking place in Vancouver at the University of British Columbia on Feb 24, 25, 2014 plus a 1 day tour on Feb 26.

It is an exciting opportunity for rare guided tours of local aquaponic systems and farms in the Vancouver area. There will be additional tours for those who would like to extend their stay on the 27th on Vancouver Island.
The tour on the 26th is included with the registration.

VANCOUVER-AQUAPONICS-WORKSHOPWe have an excellent line up of speakers:

For the schedule:

Registration information can be found at this link:


Please contact us at your earliest convenience if you have an existing, profitable aquaponics business. We have an investor who is interested if your business model works.
Other aquaculture projects are also eligible and there is no *requirement* that the location of the facilities be in Vancouver.
As expected, investors are seeking real value (facebook aside LOL) for their dollars (in this case, American ones) and looking for Food & Energy companies to invest in. Please note that this does not apply to startups, profitable companies looking for expansion only.

Please give us your ‘elevator pitch’ if you are interested.

VIDEO: Vancouver Island University Aquaponics

It’s nice to see that there will soon be graduates of Vancouver Island university to understand aquaponics… the “new wave” of aquaculture!

“Barrel-ponics” Aquaponics Setup In Vancouver

Aquaponics in Vancouver Tour:

This tour is long-over, but hopefully there will be a reprise this year at the Adanac Backyard Greenhouse.

Vancouver “City Farmer” Features Kenyan Aquaponics Project

Aquaponic Greenhouse Prototype
for Kenya

This Vancouver website feature an article about an aquaponics system for Kenya using elevated ferro-cement flood tank technology developed by Travis W. Hughey.

The article raises a valid point: aquaponics is simple and it works… so why hasn’t it caught on in a bigger way?

Why Richmond Restaurants Are Buying From Vancouver Island?!

There is a huge demand for fresh/live Tilapia here in Vancouver – especially from Chinese groceries & restaurants.

So… why is the supply coming from Vancouver Island?

Because they HAVE tilapia!

Kudos to this awesome Vancouver Island company, Redfish Ranch, for actually doing it – a big challenge for them is the transport of live fish slooshing around in the truck on the BC Ferries system, but challenges aside, it seems there is more demand than supply at the moment. Click here to read the article.