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Available Now In Vancouver … And Beyond!

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Thank you so much for all the inquiries on this website!

Our tilapia supplier, David, has stopped raising them but GOOD NEWS – we do have a new supplier, RedFish Ranch,  on the Island who can deliver all around the Vancouver Lower Mainland – and beyond!

Below is the price list – please bear in mind that the shipping cost would be about $75-$200 if shipped by air freight, but *considerably* cheaper if the tilapia supplier brings them over on one of his regular Vancouver-runs – you would have to talk to him about scheduling that.

Tilapia Fry Price List:

All prices do NOT include shipping. Price is for fish ONLY


Please feel free to call Barry, the supplier, at 1-250-338-9445
(Courtenay, BC).

You can also call me, the webmaster here at vancouveraquaponics.com,
Alison Banister in Vancouver at 604-440-3564.

We sincerely hope you will go ahead with your project and your aquaponics plans!

We are starting to run with the vancouveraquaponics.com website now after a bit of a lull and looking forward to seeing more of this exciting technology in our city!

Please email us by completing the form below if you are interested in buying tilapia fingerlings in Vancouver:

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